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Growing up as a dancer and athlete, I’ve always been passionate about exercise, health, and food. I earned degrees in both Exercise Science and Dietetics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and started working in the fitness industry as a group instructor and personal trainer. This led to becoming a Registered Dietitian and completing my Master’s degree in Nutrition and Physical Performance from Saint Louis University. I’ve worked as an exercise and nutrition professional in wellness centers, gyms, hospitals, schools, and clinics, and have helped clients of all ages reach their goals. Whether it’s coaching someone through an exercise program, educating athletes on nutrition, or making health a part of a client’s lifestyle, it all comes back to my main passion of motivating others!

Credentials include:


-Registered/Licensed Dietitian

-Professional dancer, choreographer, and judge

-American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP)

-Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) member

-Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietetics Association (CPSDA) member

-Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) group member

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Personal fitness training sessions focused on functional movement

Lifestyle nutrition coaching based on gradual changes that lead to lasting results. Begins with an initial consult.

Nutrition for Life

Nutrition for Sport

Nutrition coaching with a more specific approach for athletes. Begins with an initial consult.


Wellness seminars, presentations, webinars, and more! Choose from the following topics, or they can be personalized to your group's needs.

  • General healthy eating and meal planning

  • Strategies for the sedentary employee

  • Nutrition for runners

  • Nutrition for the spirit athlete

  • Mindful eating

  • Nutrition facts vs. myths

  • How to fit health into your busy lifestyle

  • Healthy travel habits

  • Meal plan, recipes, nutrient timing strategies

  • Macronutrient and micronutrient needs

  • Sport-specific guidelines

  • Nutrition and training for optimal performance

  • Meal planning and recipes

  • Non-diet approach to healthy eating

  • Combining exercise with nutrition

  • Medical nutrition therapy to manage or prevent chronic disease 

  • Individual sessions done virtually

  • Individual in-home or at-work sessions

  • Group classes for your event or workplace

  • Written workouts for any setting

  • Sessions use any equipment available or none at all



No matter where you are on your health and wellness journey, guidance and motivation are key to success.


Find balance in life between all aspects of your health!


Do you want to lose or gain weight, achieve a new goal for your sport, or become a healthier version of yourself?

All services can be done virtually or in person, and are customized to fit your lifestyle and goals.

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Instagram: @motivate.fitness.nutrition

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